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 StudioNizcaya is committed to providing our clients with unique & bespoke solutions to their building needs. Each unique design is a product of a creative, diligent process & a constant dialogue with the context. Our motto is, to not only produce aesthetically pleasing works of art but those that are sensitive to their functional, cultural & environmental ramifications. We staunchly believe in the ethical and moral obligations of the profession to the society and strive to adhere by its highest ideals. Nothing gives us greater joy than to see the dreams & aspirations of our clients come alive. 




Residential, Commercial, Hospitality & Institutional

Interior Design


Residential, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality & Recreational



Residential, Hospitality, Mixed Use & Recreational

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Studio Nizcaya

Prince Arcade, 22 Cathedral Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm

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